Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Truth finally coming to light, im taking a stand and doing whats right.

This life....NEVER gets any easier. It just doesn't.
But thats okay!
Because, while no one promised it'd be easy, Someone did promise to come alongside us. Someone did promise to take our hands and walk us through. Someone did promise to guide us. And to never leave us.

Im starting. It starting to see and starting to put into action.
But its not easy and im not perfect. Which would be a bad combo.
If i didn't have Help.
But i do.
So im going to try. Im going to mess up. And im going to get back up.
Even if He has the be the thing that lifts me up and stays behind me to keep me on my feet. I know He will do that.
And i know i might need that.
But this isn't about pride or an ego.
This is about Truth coming to light. About standing up and doing whats right.

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