Wednesday, August 24, 2011

um...well that didn't turn out like id hoped. but i...understand. ugh i don't want to do this. i don't want the drama. at first i was proud of myself for saying what i needed to say. i felt like our relationship was over but um, evidently you don't feel the same way.
and now you want my reasons?! i never intended to give them to you!
i have them. thats not the problem.
they just aren't ones i wanna share with you.
you're too fragile. i don't wanna push you over the edge. and i don't want all this drama!! please, why do we have to go through this?!
dude, i ....ugh. i need to talk to my best friend. and yet, i have to wait a whole stinkin 3+ hours!! i need advice! lol ugh mostly, i was just reallyyyyy hoping for the easy way out.
well not completely, cuz i said what i needed to. there was nothing that could have forced me to talk to you. i felt it was only fair to explain. and i apologized for having ignored you and yet you have the nerve to say i shouldn't have done that?! um, hello, i know that. hence the apology!
but i was hoping i could say this and you'd just move on.
but i KNEW you would play the victim. i KNEW you wouldn't accept this. i KNEW you wouldn't just leave it as is.
honestly, i probably couldn't have just left it as is if i was in your place either.
but i was HOPING you would....

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