Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lies young women believe

Hey girls,
Last night at my youth group girls only meeting we discussed some pretty heavy topics.
We are studying the book 'Lies young women believe' by Dannah Gresh and Nancy Leigh Demoss. Awesome book from what i heard last night i had a really great time while learning some painful stories and some beautiful. I got to hang out with friends and i realized that i wasn't the only feeling like I was the only one not dating or the only girl who hasn't had her 1st kiss. Also I Learnedthat this world is making all girls "Boy-Crazy" Because of Music, Movies, Tv etc.Its Almost impossible not to be Boy-Crazy unless you really try that means hang out with friends that aren't boy crazy and watch movies that aren't all about love (I got these ideas from church) Another thing i learned is that modesty is very important. Everytime you wear a low cut shirt you imply that you are 'Easy' Guys pay attention to your chest when they can see it instead of you. Its really easy to get caught up in life and this sinful world but you have to try your hardest along with me. I mean how hard do you think it is for your dad or Grandpa to keep pure thoughts when all they can see is your chest? Check out my posts on this. Yes there will be more:-)