Saturday, August 20, 2011

sometimes i go to your facebook page and look through your pictures, just because it hurts. which sounds dumb...until you've been in that place. ughhhh now you're on fb too...great.
ahh i have too many people problems right now!!! please just....ugh.
its probably me. because i just cant seem to make ANY relationship work. well, thats not true. one is working fabulously.
i just happen to be terrified it will end because, well, every other one ive ever had has!
ok, so maybe it is.
seriously. i have the person i want to let go of, the one that kind of mutually let go of me as i let go of them...
and i have the person i will never let go of and who i hope never lets go of me.
honestly, i don't know which one scares me more.
because i hate having to hurt people, i hate leaving things unfinished...
and i hate losing people.
wonderful situations ive gotten myself into!! lol (*rolls eyes)
ughhh and i don't regret the choices ive made. well, not completely. i hate to say i regret anyone..
i know for a fact i don't regret the 3rd person. the one way id ever regret something with them would be if i did something to scare them off.
however, the first 2....
ughhh!! My.Head.Is.Spinning.
i wanna cry right now. because this is all just too much.

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