Sunday, April 18, 2010

Challenge week 2

Hi, everyone.
I am back again, I stopped the challenge on Thursday. The clothes and music challenge that is. But not the bible challenge. I have learned a lot this week.
1. That looks don't matter, it's the inside that counts.
2. That the bible is totally relative to my life.

I was reading Genesis 26-50 this week, and i realized that these people faced some of the same challenges we did like death, lying, jealously, etc. It tears people apart. However, If we are facing something tough we keep it to ourselves or go tell our friends. If they were facing something tough they would go to God and their family. I think we always need to go to God 1st. Our friends can't change anything, They are GREAT, they have a shoulder we can cry on. And they can comfort us with words and give us hugs and make us laugh but that feeling is only temporary. But God can help us for good. He will help you move on.
I think the most touching story for me this week was Joesph's. He faced the concequences of his brother's jealousy. But they turned out to be good in the end. If you haven't read that story yet I think you should read it right away. It was very eye-opening to see that people way back when faced some of the same problems we face today. So those of you who are doing the clothing challenge, Music challenge, tv challenge, Bible challenge, one or all (if any) Keep going you can do it and it is very rewarding.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi, Sorry its been so long since i have posted. We have been really busy lately and I haven't had anything to write about. But the other night my dad challenged me and my sister to read the entire bible in 1 year. He also questioned us about our Music and Tv choices. That really got me thinking about what I do listen to and watch. And what is thrown in my face everyday about Love. And so I made a commitment to not watch Inapporiate tv, not listen to non christian music wear bermuda shorts or jeans and a plain tee everyday(usually there clean) and to post on here once a week and to read the bible according to the plan shown below. So if u want to join me we can encourage each other. But here is the reading plan if you want to join in. My parents got it from The North Point Church but it isn't on their website anymore. You read 1 section a week: (note they are chapters not verses)
Week 1: Genesis 1-25
Week 2: Genesis 26-50
Week 3: Job 1-24
Week 4: Job 25-42 and Exodus 1-10
Week 5: Exodus 11-34
Week 6: Exodus 35-40 and Leviticus 1-15
Week 7: Leviticus 16-27 and Numbers 1-4
Week 8: Numbers 5-21
Week 9: Numbers 22-36 and Psalms 1-17
Week 10: Psalms 18-55
Week 11: Psalms 56-94
Week 12: Psalms 95-150
Notice that I only put through Week 12 I will put more up later but that should be good for now.
Anyway I read Genesis 1-25 this week (Monday starts a new week for me) And it made me Realize this: All these people gave up what they had for the Lord like Abraham was Going to kill his son Issac because the Lord asked him to. And It would mean so much to me to have that much Faith, and I am working on it but I don't know how long that will take. As I was reading that story inparticular Is that I don't know if I would be able to tell if that was God telling me to kill my son or if it was Satan ( assuming I had a son) but God has a much more powerful voice and He is Kinder and More Compassionate and you can tell it in His voice. I highly suggest 3 things:
1. you read and stick to this plan with me.
2. You see the Last song Movie.
3. You watch Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakquel.
Note:I am doing the Plain tee and Long shorts along with no make-up because I think we all need to get over what other people think and this is my way of doing that, I read it in a book but I don't remember which one. So thanks to whoever had the Idea.I am on day 3,I think and so far I am still a little embarresed to go out in over sized tees and no make-up,but by the end I think it will be smooth sailing. Hope everyone who reads this finds it helpful I will be giving my opinion each week on the Bible reading so please read next weeks I will be anxious to read what happens and I hope you will too!