Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Sometimes I think I'm better off, To turn out the lights and close up shop, And give up the longing, believing and belonging, Just hold down my head and take the loss."

"You'd think that id learn my lesson by now, you'd think that id somehow figure out, that if you strike the match you're bound to feel the flame, you'd think that id learn the cost of love, paid that price long enough, but still i drive myself right through the pain, yeah well it turns out, i haven't learned a thing..."

I haven't. Plain and simple. And i know this because, if i had learned, i wouldn't still be trusting.
I wouldn't be getting burned right now.

"Ive felt this emptiness before, but all the times that ive been broken i still run right back for more..."

I always go back. Its like, i KNOW this is all just a game, but still i play.
I feel like i have writing all over me. Saying everything that contradicts my actions.
I SAY that i don't trust. That i know better by now. I say i cant stand here and keep getting burned. I say that i want something real.
And yet, here i am trusting, acting ignorant and naive, being burned and playing a game.
See what i mean?

"....I havent learned a thing."

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