Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey, so its me, Morgan! its has been soooo long since i posted and i have another thing i wrote up a while ago and just never posted on here, but tonight, in honor of the "Ugly Prom Nite" event my church hosted, i figured i'd write about prom. i typed this up on my iPod touch, emailed it to myself and am now going to cut and paste it here in just a minute. but i just wanted to touch base and...let y'all know i AM still alive! :)

Prom night

What do you think when you hear those words?
Perfect dress?
Gorgeous shoes?
A wonderful night?
Hotel room?
Those are the things I think of when I think of prom. Not from first-
hand experience, but from things I have heard. I want a revolution.
And to have a revolution, I am probably gonna have to at least lend a
hand in creating it.
Tonight I went to "Ugly Prom Night" at my church. And it was nothing
like prom, or at least what I think prom would be like. But what
really got me was the message before we "partied".
Our youth pastor Dave gave a message about love and used a ladder as
an analogy...and a prop. So he had this ladder up on the stage in the
sanctuary and he had put duck tape on the side, sticky side out. And
next to each step he stuck a piece of paper with something written on
it. On each card he had a physical act of love. He started at the
bottom step of the ladder. These are the things that were on the signs
he taped to the ladder, one for each step, from the bottom to the top:
Holding hands
Making out
(I forgot one or two that went here)
Oral sex
And at the top:

But he made good analogies about how even at the first step-holding
hands, you could fall off and also that you have stepped onto a track
that could go bad places-FAST! Once you took thy first step you were
leaving the solid foundation you previously stood on and are stepping
onto something that is shaky and gets even shakier the farther up you
go. And when the ladder gets knocked out from under you-or rather the
relationship ends, you had better see it comin or it's gonna hurt.
Especially if you are at tr top or one or two below the top, some
serious damage could be done. If the ladder gets swept out from
underneath you, especially if you're up high, it's GONNA hurt.
Also, the same goes emotionally (I think this one is especially for us
girls!) and also spiritually, like if you're praying a lot with your
bf or gf, and they become like your spiritual foundation, when they
leave or the relationship ends, you'll be lost.
So anyway, I thought that was really interesting. I mean, I've never
even held hands with a guy, but when he said that as soon as the
relationship starts and you get physical in any way, even just holding
hands or a hug, you start climbing the ladder. Personally, I'd rather
not risk it and climb the ladder (especially how passionate and
emotional I am abs how easy it is to guilt me into things sometimes).
I won't do it for anyone. Right here and right now I am making a vow.
I have already vowed to abstain from sex till marrige. But I don't
even wanna push it just a little. I mean, I may WANT to kiss someone
or something sometimes! But vowing to "stay pure" doesnt make much
sense anymore. Because the lines between purity and impurity have
become so blurry and messed up. So right here, in black and white (or
yellow, my page is yellow) I am vowing to save my first kiss till
And I am actually excited about it! When I enter into the marriage
covenant (I like how that sounds!) I don't wanna have any regrets. Or
any past memories bothering me or popping back up. I have to say that
while I kinda sqwaked at the idea even a year ago, I now really feel
that my future husband is worth it. And so am I!

~Love, Always, Forever~