Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just found this...its part of a story i was working on. well, it applies to my situation right now.
i feel like i need to take my own advice here...

"somehow, the truth didn't hurt nearly as bad as the lies had.
somehow, his coming clean with me, made it almost seem like…
like maybe i could trust him again.
and i know full well that i have trusted people i shouldn't have. lots of them. countless numbers of guys have scarred, trampled and crushed my heart. all because i was careless and trusted them.
but i decided jake was worth that risk. after all, i had given far more for far less."

it IS worth the risk. WE are worth the risk. because, as it says, i truly have given more for less. what, at this point, do i have to lose? oh
but if imma lose you its gonna happen whether im honest or close guarded. and i want to not have any regrets. well, if i lose you because i told you, ill regret having told you. but if i keep something from you...its burning me. it really is. cuz we said no secrets. cuz you're SO honest with me.
i have to tell you.
i...i have to.
no...but i think i want to. i think...i want you to know. <3 


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

oh. my. gosh. could you read my mind any clearer?! haha. soooo my thoughts right now. risks. risks i've taken. risks i wish i had, but didn't. risks that hurt me. and risks that were worth it. risks are such a huuuuge part of life I've grown to see! I hope you have the courage to take this risk!

Han and Momo said...

really?! omg that is crazy!! ugh risks hard. honestly everything you wrote i relate to. i WANT to take this risk but my mind just keeps telling me to look at the situation "clearly"...ugh idk. but above all i should be honest and sincere, right? thats what counts most, doesn't it?

Kaitlyn Nicole said...

You're so right! You might regret keeping something to yourself, but it's hard to regret being honest! I mean, of course we should use wisdom, but ultimately, when we are completely honest to someone, despite the outcome, I think we are happier with our decision. At least, that's in my experience.

Han and Momo said...

very very true. its like...i don't know. ive seen both sides. i was honest with someone i thought was my best friend, and things ended. period. they are over. but i don't regret it because it showed the true colors of our relationship. and then i was honest with someone who really is my best friend. and we weathered it. she has proven over and over again how loyal she is...its me and my trust issues interfering now :P but we will get thru it. so far...i don't regret being honest. you are so right. thank you for sharing!!

Kaitlyn Nicole said...'s crazy how our emotions and choices influence sooo much in our lives...and how one honest confession can lead to a landslide of other issues that were buried and you never knew existed! But it's all a part of this thing we call life. haha.