Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Praise. A word i, sadly, don't use very often.
But im starting a lot of things new. :)
Something amazing happened last night. In both the physical sense and in an emotional way.
The physical was a lot of fun. Games with friends, catching up with someone i hadn't talked to in almost a year....
Just...a lot of things and i cant even explain it, but it was incredible.
But honestly, even more than all that physical stuff, was that emotion. That feeling. That connection that i had been long awaiting and anticipating.
Sitting on the sand....talking to you the way i was, FINALLY!, getting to again.... <3
And then he called to me. And our convo got put on hold a little.
And i went over, i talked to him. It was incredible. Almost like nothing had ever happened. Almost like nothing had changed.
Almost as if i HADN'T run out and left him without a reason or even a goodbye.
And then we hung out for a while...
I had probably the most fun ive had all summer.
It ranked right up there anyways.
And then when all that was over...
I got to go back to our conversation. Which remained just as deep as it was before.
I was so happy. I had been...
needing that. But i couldn't tell you.
We hadn't had a conversation like that since the fourth of july. And before that i think it was camp.
I missed it. A lot.
I missed you. I missed him.
I missed the way summers were before. Because everything changed this summer. Everything was different. It wasn't as much fun.
But last night....
Praise God for the way He is working in my life. And praise be to God for giving me these little blessings, these surprises, these things i completely don't deserve. Praise God for loving my in spite of my failures and always taking me back.
Praise God. <3


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

Love those God moments!! So happy for you :)

Han and Momo said...

Oh thank you!! I love them too, they are amazing!! <3