Monday, February 21, 2011

Raindrops hitting my windowpane, all i want is for you to kiss me in the rain...

basically, beautiful. to me. the rain is just so...perfect. it is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. it describes me and what i feel at all times. because it is refreshing and cleansing, and at the same time, like heavenly teardrops. the way it bounces into puddles on the pavement, soaks into the grass, the way it drenches me when i run, barefoot and clad in a summer dress, out into the middle of the street to dance. 
it makes me think so many things at once, and feel so much. it reminds me of you. it makes me think about the past, and also of the future. it makes me accept and embrace the present, and reality. 
and yet it is so fairytale romantic 

Friday, February 18, 2011

"it's not so much that i am needing you, it's more like i'm SO lost without you..."

it's a gorgeous spring day outside! I am loving it! Every second :) i cannot wait for the spring rains and the flowers; the dresses and flip flops...and even further away, the careless days of summer...ahhh. :) how easily i am swept up! i know i should be happy with where i am now. but the dismal days of winter are wearing me thin. i am tired of them. tired.
....i have been trying to not think about it, but for a moment i will indulge myself. i have been missing you for so long now. and i have been trying SO hard not to think about it but...

"both the sunshine and the rain
only increase my pain
everywhere i look feels empty and lonely
i will never be complete till you're here with me
i break at the slightest tap
somewhere along the line i lost all the strength i had
i am weak because of you
lost here without you"

...i know better than all of that. Most of the time. 
but not right now.
i don't know how better to say this...