Thursday, August 11, 2011

Because tomorrow could be one day too late...

Seriously, this summer has been PATHETIC.
I am usually so inspired, i keep pen and paper with me at all times, i constantly have a song floating through my head.
Usually my blog would be BURSTING with posts of thoughts and feelings.
And id have dozens of new songs.
My guitar would constantly be out of tune from me strumming it so much, and my voice would be raspy from singing my heart out.
But not this year.
I was supposed to make this summer, my last high school summer, count.
And so far...
Ive had SOME good times. Camp was amazing, as you know. And i had one incredible and unexpected night with an old friend. My parents' vow renewal. And finally 2 days ago at a pool in a town so ritzy i could never belong there. But it was fun just the same.
And then theres something else that happened.
I guess it sorta pertains to summer because, with being busy with school, summer is the only time we could have done this.
I got very close to a friend of mine. Closer than i ever would have expected. It was a God thing for sure.
And we you wouldn't even believe.
Im not used to having a relationship
But so far...this one is. I talk to her about anything and everything. And she is the same with me.
So a lot of personal growth has taken place this summer because of her and our relationship.
So yeah, i guess some good HAS come out of this summer.
But on the other hand, i feel like i have wasted a lot of days.
And i have.
But its too late now. Cant get back what time erased. I have memories and i have to move forward.
Its time to make this summer count.
I have roughly 3 weeks left.
Somehow, imma make up for the last 3 3 weeks.
Wish me luck <3

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