Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i suppose this is what i get for assuming things.
life just looooves to prove me wrong.
i swear, it gets a kick out of it or something.
basically, i should just stop thinking i know whats going on.

dude, remember when i said we had one more chance before our relationship went under again and would never resurface?
well i didn't exactly wait for it to resurface the first time before i chose to say that.
as it stands, im still waiting for it to show its face.
but in some weird way, ive moved on. its like, yeah things were left unfinished. and im the type that DEFINITELY needs things laid out. i need definition of where i stand with people and what i mean to them...
so for me to sit here and say, things were left undefined, but im ok, sure sounds like a lie.
but the weirdest thing is that, ITS ALL TRUTH!
i know, im shocked too!!
but its like....i didn't need you before. and for a while there i really thought i had, i don't know, grown to need you or something. but then you left. my world fell apart for roughly 72 hours and then?
i realized what i knew all along.
that i didn't need you before,
and i don't need you now.
im everything i ever was and more,
because of you im stronger.


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

you truly are strong Morgan! Just the fact that you are posting this is proof! I'm proud of you, even if it wasn't the desired outcome, you aren't falling apart having a pity party. (like i tend to...hahah) but anyways. I think it's obvious you've learned a lot through this and you're growing because of it!

Han and Momo said...

wow, i don't think i have ever been able to hear those words...and accept them. but i almost feel like i can right now. thank you. God has been...changing me, to say the least! haha and through all this changing, He has given me a strength i was never able to have on my own.
ohhh i am notorious for having pity parties!! lol (in case you couldn't tell! ;) haha)
but...idk. like i said, He is changing me! haha but im sure there will still be days when i break down. He just really worked this situation out for me!