Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fear has held me back whole life. honestly, i am just now starting to figure out how to break free from its strong hold that its had on me.

Ive never worked for anything in my life. And i mean, REALLY worked.

i run this course over and over and i can never seem to get out. its like, i know im going in circles. i just don't see an exit...
or i choose not to take it.

familiar, no matter how bad, is better than unknown. something, whether or not its a lie, is better than nothing.

everything is broken, nothing will ever be fixed.

i ruin everything good that comes my way.

i dont deserve the best. i don't even deserve you.

don't hope for things. you'll just wind up hurt.

dont trust. people, situations or yourself. you just wind up with scars on your heart.


these are like, things i live by. scary right?
yeah, i thought so too!!
i don't try to, but these have been the thoughts swarming in my head and the sad truth?
is that they are...kinda true.
well, some of them.
lets explore these thoughts shall we?

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