Friday, September 2, 2011

once again, i was fooled. stupid.stupid.stupid girl. because i regret everything i shared with you and just...everything. cuz its gone now. and it was a lie while it lasted.
i KNOW i shouldnt feel like this.
i KNOW i should just
i KNOW these things....
but i dont feel them.
what i FEEL...
is lost. broken...again. sick&tired. 
and most of all?
like...i trusted you!!
do you even huge that is?
for me?
i DO NOT trust easily. i knew you for less than a week! and i told you my BIGGEST secret.
yeah. nowww im wishing i hadnt.
but of course...little too late.
at least...i have ONE person i can still trust and can still count on <3 well...and God <3

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