Monday, September 5, 2011

i know that love is a choice and not a feeling.
and even knowing this, i can say that i have truly loved.
i have made a conscious choice to love.
but when they say that you either love forever or you never did, i disagree.
because i have loved.
and then it ended. and i had to make myself STOP loving that person. They walked away. they chose not to love me anymore. 
at one point, i loved this person.
and at another, i didn't.
at one point, i made a conscious choice to love this person.
and at another, i made a conscious choice to STOP loving them.
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i wanna cry. i am so stupid. i should have known. all this time i just kept giving myself away....
and now i have virtually nothing left.
i don't even see how this is possible. i mean, when i think of all the people that have contributed to my broken heart, well, its a lot...
but in the grand scheme of things, not that many.
and it seems ridiculous to me.
i just feel stupid right now.

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