Wednesday, September 14, 2011

*low whistle*
its amazing how quickly your life can spiral out of control, and you don't even realize it!
wow. and its looking like a lot of the bad choices i have been making...well, started by making a bad choice.
with what i played through my headphones and speakers.

so im listening to Skillet right now. my FAVORITE Christian band. period.
and ALL i will be listening to, for the next 2 weeks, is Christian music. because today as i sat and listened to a song i KNEW i shouldn't have been listening to, i could feel God telling me that this wasn't right. i turned off the song but i still felt really bad. 
and no, i don't think listening to Christian music for the next 2 weeks somehow "makes up for" my bad choices. i went right to God and asked His forgiveness and His help in changing. 
But i know that to be serious about changing, the right thing for me to do is to completely get rid of the problem. quitting cold turkey. seems to be the method that works best for me anyways :) 
if you're reading this, could you please pray for me? im just sayin, im gonna miss my old i know this isn't gonna be easy. but, its been a year of change for me and so far i don't regret a SINGLE change God has helped me make. He really does know best, and im trusting Him on this one 


*Lizzie* said...

Yes, I will keep praying for you Morgan! That is awesome you are making this choice to only listen to Christian music for two weeks! I can tell God is working in you a lot! And I am happy for you!
I'll keep praying for you girly!! Love ya!! God bless!! <3

Han and Momo said...

Thank you!! ahhh i am so excited about this. like...ugh i don't know how to explain but i am so thankful for you and your friendship and encouragement and prayers!! Thank you!!! And hoping things are well with you! praying for you too and love you!! <3

*Lizzie* said...

I'm so happy you're excited about this!! :) That is always good! Aww! I'm SO thankful too that I have your friendship!! <3 you are a dear girl to me!! :)
Praying for you girly!! Luv ya! <3