Saturday, June 11, 2011

Truth is.

1-Truth is...God is good. In fact, He is better than good. And there aren't even words that do Him justice.
2-Truth is...God has blessed my life with so many amazing people and things that i don't deserve.
3-Truth is...These friends stick with me even when im acting like a dork and only focusing on the bad parts of life.
4-Truth is...I love them for that.
5-Truth is...Today i resolve to choose the good. In every scenario. Because, as i proved yesterday, focusing on the negative only makes you more upset. Whereas trying to see the positive in every situation, can only be a good thing.
6-Truth is...My family is amazing. But sometimes things fall apart and sometimes things don't go like they should. Sometimes things happen. But we are working it out.
7-Truth is...I am weak. But i am weak by choice. God is always there, always waiting for me to come to Him and ask for His Strength. And always willing to give it to me. Its when i turn away and decide to not even try that i end up in deep water.
8-Truth is...I had 50 truths written out and something happened and erased all but seven of them.
9-Truth is...I will not get irritated. I will not get irritated. I will not get irritated.
10-Truth is...God is my life. My air. Without Him i would be nothing.
11-Truth is...I have dreams and i have baby plans. And, at the moment, the two clash. And im not sure how i should feel about that yet, but i am trying to figure out how to make this all work.
12-Truth is...I have a tendency to try and control everything and its been really hard trying to GIVE UP my control.
13-Truth is...Ive pretty much been taught by life that if i want to make sure things work out then i need to Stay. On. Top. Of. Things.
14-Truth is...God's Truth is starting to unravel everything the world has taught me.
15-Truth is...I haven't quite figured out how to live IN the world but not OF it.
16-Truth is...However, i am taking baby steps in that direction.
17-Truth is...Being a little kid was grand. And i will always treasure those memories. Always. They will stay in my heart. But i cant go back and i know that.
18-Truth is...I am in denial that this will be my age next year.
19-Truth is...I hate reality.
20-Truth is...I love to look at life through fairytale tainted eyes.
21-Truth is...God and life have been opening up my eyes more to the truth about the world and about people.
22-Truth is...That has been really hard for me.
23-Truth is...And i have tried to not embrace it.
24-Truth is...I am 10 months away from being an "adult" so maybe it IS time to start seeing reality...
25-Truth is...Its gonna have to come in small doses.
26-Truth is...But i know God will be there with me every step of the way.
27-Truth is...(I so wrote 25 twice and had to go fix it! =P haha) Truth is i am trying to ask God to light up my path. And then im asking for strength to follow.
28-Truth is...I am scared to leave. It might happen and the pessimistic/realistic part of me is trying to prepare myself.
29-Truth is...I know to trust Him and im trying.
30-Truth is...The world and life have taught me not to trust anyone.
31-Truth is...They have also taught me i need to always be in control.
32-Truth is...God has been teaching me things and that has been undoing all that the world has instilled in me.
33-Truth is...I am trying to grab hold of Him and let Him control. I am trying to trust.
34-Truth is...I fail. A lot. But God always always ALWAYS picks me back up!!
35-Truth is...I am not perfect.
36-Truth is...I am done trying to be.
37-Truth is...I am trying to model my life after Christ, instead of this unattainable "perfection" the world tries to get me to go after.
38-Truth is...God has stood by me throughout everything and i can never show my thankfulness enough.
39-Truth is...No one said this life was gonna be easy. In fact, im pretty sure that somewhere in the verse "Shoulder your cross and follow Me" is the implication that Life. Will. Be. Tough.
40-Truth is...So for that reason i am all done being weak. I will no longer roll over and die. I will stand firm and strong in Him.
41-Truth is...I am so thankful for friends that pull me back when i start to slide down the wrong path. Thank you <3 I love you.
42-Truth is...I don't deserve as many second chances as God has given me. I don't deserve any. I don't deserve anything in this life that i have been given. And thats what makes it such an amazing gift. A GIFT. Because i could NEVER earn or deserve any of the things God has blessed me with.
43-Truth is...I have been through a lot. Most of it was of my own causing. But God was merciful through everything and He has been using my fallings for good lately. Not that that in any way justifies my messing up. But, like the Bible says, "All things work together for His Glory".
44-Truth is...I have never been too far for God to love me. And He has brought other people into my life that love me too, in spite of my being upset or being "depressed" sometimes...they love me through everything. I love you guys and i am so thankful for you.
45-Truth is...I love writing letters. Hahaha that was random. But i love them! And i have found that some of my favorite parts of the Bible are near the end of the New Testament where letters are written. Like, when Paul wrote to the church...ya know what i mean :) yeah, i like those! Its almost like he wrote the letter directly to me. <3
46-Truth is...I never am alone. No matter how much it may feel like that sometimes.
47-Truth is...Writing 50 good things has bee harder than it was to write 50 bad things yesterday...what does that tell you about the way i have trained my mind to think...?
48-Truth is...No matter what anyone tells me, i know that i am beautiful and strong. But i am these things only because of Christ inside of me.
49-Truth is...I. AM. GOOD. AT. THINGS! Not everything, but some things. Sometimes i am my own worst enemy when it comes to feeling inferior. But that is almost like a strike against my Creator, because its like saying He created something defective. When, really, i just need to stop listening to satan's lies.
50-Truth is...Jesus. Jesus is truth. And thats all that matters. <3 <3 <3


Lady Florimel said...

Truth is...I LOVE YOU!! <3 And I really like this post! :)

Han and Momo said...

thank you. Seriously. I love you and i love that you are willing to speak into my life! <3 <3 <3