Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Two.

I will say that today was...mostly okay. No beach scene so that was nice. And i got to wear a sweatshirt because it was only fifty-some degrees. 
But my day didn't go completely smooth. 
But you know what i just realized?
That i chose not to read my Bible this morning.
I woke up and did my other things, went downstairs to say goodbye to my mom before she left for work, and told myself id come back and read it.
I never did.
Also, i wasted a whole day just lying around.
On the plus side. I listened to Christian music today (well, besides that one uncontrollable hour at work...) and aside from like...MY music..and like songs that i was working on and such.
But anyways. Christian music. Barlow Girl was awesome! I had forgotten how much i loved them!! <3
So i learned something new today :)
And while i will probably go back to listening to regular music some point..i am going to try and incorporate more Christian music in too...and filter out some other things i listen to...
I just need to say something here. In black and white. I feel like i am battling a lot of things right now. And i feel like there is a lot at work trying to keep me weak.
Not a good combination. 
So, more than ever, i need to be strong. But it needs to not be a facade. I need to be strong for real.
So, tomorrow morning i will wake up and read my Bible. I read it tonight to make up for this morning, but i really like starting off my day with it. I feel like it helps make me strong for the day. :)
God is strong. He keeps me strong. God is merciful. To forgive me when i am weak.
God is Love. And He is MY Love. <3 <3 <3 How blessed i am...WE are... :)


Lady Florimel said...

Hey Morgan! Praying for you as you face the challange of reading your Bible! The day before yesterday I made a special point to set my alarm and make myself get up earlier to read my Bibe. Well, that would have been fine if I would have got to bed at a more reasonable time that night, but I didn't, so when that alarm went off I woke up and thought "Yay! I get to spend time with Jesus!" but that excitement soon faded when I rolled over and grabbed my Bible. For some odd reason I was so overcome with weariness that I put my hand on my Bible and fell back asleep! I had wanted to spend time in the Word, but I let sleepiness rule. So, I totally am in the same boat with you! ANd then yesterday I woke up and read my book instead of Bible, and today I had a head ache when I woke up, so I haven't been commited. COuld you pray for me in this area too?? And I will for sure be praying for you! Also, I think it is AWESOME that you are listening to Christian music! It really is worth it!! God totally speaks to me through Christian groups I listen to.
Sorry this is such a long comment!!! Love you! HaVE A GREAT DAy!!!!!

Han and Momo said...

Dear Lady Florimel,
Thank you so much!! I definitely need the prayers! Awww i like that! I am soooo bad with waking up early!! But it would be worth it :) And i LOVE that thought :) "Yay! I get to spend time with Jesus!"
And that totally stinks!! But thats what would probably end up happening with me!
Ugh! I am SOOOO good at picking a book over my Bible. And sometimes i justify it, like if its a Christian book...( i know, bad idea!)
:( I am sorry you woke up feeling bad!
And i will most certainly be praying for you! Thank you so much for your prayers!! :)
YES!! So far i am liking takes some getting used to...
i kind of feel like i have to "deprogram" myself from the ways of this world. Which will take some doing...
But it will be worth it!
I love long comments! :) They make my day (as do any comments :) Long or short!)
I love you too!!
Praying you have a fabulous and blessed weekend!!

PS. i can delete these comments if you want. Just let me know :)