Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Three.

I spent the day at work today, so not a whole lot of thoughts. The day was mostly uneventful. I went to the beach earlier this morning with my little brothers. And, surprisingly, i was mostly able to accept the fact that i was the only teenage girl wearing a tankini. And i didn't even wear a tank top over it to make it look like i was wearing a tank over a bikini. (since you could only see the straps.) I wore my tankini and shorts. At first when i got there i regretted not having worn a tank top. But...i got over it. I got over the looks. And, to be honest, there weren't that many. At least, not that i noticed. I was having fun. Playing with my brothers and, for the most part, not caring what anyone else thought.
Maybe i am making progress?

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