Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't let go.

My heart breaks for you. Like you don't even know. I am so sorry. I cannot even put my feelings into words. Or maybe I am afraid to.
Or maybe I just know this isn't the place for them.
But I do know the place for them.
Your heart.
And yet I am afraid of the impression this will give off. I'm afraid its not my place. I'm afraid of what people, including you, would say.
And the risk somehow not worth the result? Worth the gain?
No. No of course not!
What I would do to make you see everything that you are.
What I would do to make you know how much you mean to everyone.
But although I know these are the words you need to hear, I know I am not the person you want to hear them from.

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*Lizzie* said...

Hey Morgan!
Just wanted to say thanks for your encouraging words on my blog (The Wonders of Christ)
They truly mean a lot.
Yes, I know, God does have a perfect plan for me here at home too! I don't only have to serve him far away on a missions trip! But like my Mom said I can serve Him where ever I am! Even at home!
And I plan on doing everything I can to make a difference here at home. For God has a plan for everything!
And I think God had me stay so I could learn a lesson. A lesson of trusting Him with everything I do! And He has showed me what it is like trusting in yourself. It doesn't work out very well when I don't trust Him.
Well, thanks again for your encouraging comment!
God bless!