Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was walking along the beach yesterday. Leaving footprints in the sand. The tide would come and wash them away and, all of a sudden, a thought hit me.
This was like God washing away all traces of the places i've been. Its like, as i walk and i feel like i am leaving a mark; evidence that ive been there; He is actually coming behind me and washing it away.
He doesn't hold anything against me. He washes it away. Its like, all the places that ive been...all the ground i walked on that i shouldn't have...all the roads i wandered down that i should have avoided...and i thought i had left a mark there. I felt like i had left evidence behind me. I feared that a part of me would forever be lost in these deep, dark places.
But when i stopped, quieted my mind, and turned around to see...i was astonished to find that God was coming behind me and...erasing it!

It was like i had never even been there.

And i can't even describe to you how that felt. <3

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