Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 6

Yup. Should've posted this last night.
Not much to say. 
I cannot judge how well i am doing exactly. 
Sometimes i wonder if what im wearing is "modest enough".
But, to be fair, its 90+ degrees here!!!
Its HOT!

So i had a cute outfit planned in my head for this morning.
And when i put it on, i realized it looked a little inappropriate. 
I battled with myself for literally like 5 minutes.
but in the end i took it off and put on something less revealing.
dang. this is not easy.
but you know what?
I am proud of myself. 
I have never really felt that way before. I have never had anything to BE proud of.
:) And now...
And im finding its easier to say no.
I have never been good at that. No matter what you previously thought about me, i have a hard time saying no. So saying no today to what i was originally planning to wear was empowering to me.
But this whole saying no thing has been a battle in every area of my life. Thats why i feel so overtaxed sometimes. I can't say no.
Scratch that. I WAS weak.
Through God's Grace and Mercy, i am learning to be strong. ♥ 


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

This is cool reading through your "modesty journey" or whatever you want to call it! I love your conviction and determination. It's definitely a hard subject with summer underway now...and it's definitely one i tend to ignore because I've never considered myself "immodest" but I think it's worth thinking about even with my current mindset! Thanks for making me think :)

Han and Momo said...

Awww thanks! I was wondering if this was boring anyone, but i was like, i need to get it out somewhere!! :) God has been so amazing to help me along and pick me up when i stumble. And yeah...it is definitely hard! And up till now i pretty much ignored it too, because i didn't see myself as immodest either. But God just started laying on my heart that somethings needed to change. Of course, glad i could (inadvertently) help :) praying for you!<3