Monday, June 6, 2011

Day Five

I meant to post last night but i got a little sidetracked, and then it was too late.
Yesterday was pretty good. Not much to say, modesty wise. The day itself was a little up and down. Sort of an emotional rollercoaster. 
But somedays are just like that.
Yesterday i had to work, so i wore a (life is good) tee and long shorts :)
And last night my daddy told me that he liked my choice of shorts and that he appreciated my making a choice like that. So, i have to say that was pretty sweet and i definitely appreciated it.
I am glad to be getting so much support from my family and from my friends during this process.
I love you all.
And to anyone reading this, i am sorry if all i ever do is complain.
I don't mean to. 
I am actually really thankful for my life and the gifts and people that God has blessed my life with.
Okay, that is all. <3 <3 <3

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