Wednesday, April 6, 2011


i think its about time i express my gratitude to my God. He is doing so many amazing things in my life right now...they are little things, but amazing to me. Just the way He continuously draws me nearer to Him...i don't have time to go into all of this now, because school awaits, but i will leave you with this snippet...much like the little piece of hope i hold in my heart. And i am anxious to see what he does next! 


*Lizzie* said...

That is very cool that God is doing amazing things in your life.
Isn't it amazing how He just draws you closer to Him and you don't even know it?! God bless!

Han and Momo said...

Thank you for sharing in my excitement with me!! I absolutely love it!! I know things won't stay this easy and blissful forever, but i am enjoying it while it lasts, and trying to make my faith strong enough to withstand the inevitable storm that will come at some point...<3 So that coming out of the hard times my faith will me just as strong, if not stronger, than it was before!! :)

Kaitlyn Nicole said...

<3 <3 <3

*Lizzie* said...

Hey girl!
I SOOO enjoyed getting together with you two last night!!!! That was so awesome! We need to do that more often!! =)
Thanks for yuor comment! It made my day to hear from you! <3
God bless!

A Servant 4 Christ,

Han and Momo said...

Hi Lizzie :)
Yes, last thursday was wonderful!! I definitely hope that we can do that again soon!! :)
Oh of course! I love reading your blogs and i love that you read mine :)
Love your sister in Christ,
Morgan <3