Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Forget you!!

grrrrrr :@ yeah…whatever. if you don't respect me, which you obviously DON'T then i suppose i need to not care either. 
i am pretty sure i will be leaving. as soon as i work up the nerve. i hate that you are making me go through this AGAIN!! because i hate this process. but i won't stay simply because i am too scared to make the first move to leave. =/ But good try! hahaha you think i am so innocent and i will just play along. well, today was only a little taste of what's to come! (*evil chuckle) yep. you just wait. i have let far too many people take advantage of me. but i won't let you. you don't deserve it. you don't even pretend to hide your disdain. "forget you and for-get him too…" hahaha. XD
that's perfect, i'll go listen to that and laugh! :) and in a couple of days you will regret having ever crossed me and having shown me so much disrespect! =P

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