Saturday, April 16, 2011


I've been having kind of an off day. Or maybe an off week. I have been feeling sad, but for no apparent reason (typical girl, right? :) haha) but i finally picked up my Bible today. go figure, i immediately felt better. i think i identified the problem tonight, and then when i picked up my Bible, a verse just JUMPED out at me. literally! hahaha it was awesome!! :)
I was worried about being forgiven. I know that God has forgiven me, but i was worried about having to share my past with someone someday. Its not a long list or anything, but my past is still my past and i know someday i will have to be upfront about it with my husband should i get married. Anyways, i was thinking and worried that he wouldn't forgive me or let me move past my past.
This was the verse:
"Unfailing love and faithfulness cover sin..."
Proverbs 16:6a
WHOA!! hahaha i was blown away.
There is nothing His love can't cover!! And it makes me feel like love will keep us together and sin cannot separate us! =D both me and God, and me and my special guy someday! I don't know if that is right, but its how it stuck out to me!! <3 <3 <3 God is so good!! I am loving what He is doing. and to think, all He was waiting for was me to open up and break down my walls!!
Walls i never should've built in the first place!! I am so sorry!! And so thankful that You've forgiven me! And used everything for good!! <3


*Lizzie* said...

WOW! Morgan that is amazing!
Because I use to feel the same way, knowing I have been forgiven by God but still feel sad and stuff! And yes, I went to my Bible too and found amazing verses about forgiveness! God bless!

Han and Momo said...

YES!! that is exactly how i was!! it can be so so SO hard sometimes. its like, i know in my head that God forgives me and that the guy He brings to me someday will not hold my past against me either, but it can be hard for my heart to grasp! But God is so good at calming my fears with His Love Letter to me...the Bible!! <3