Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"I learned to live half alive, and now you want me one more time..."

wait...i just got over you...or anyways i was getting there...and NOW you come back?
maybe she's right. maybe im too blinded to see it so maybe i should take my best friends advice. maybe i see the best in you because thats what i want to see..but maybe she can see the truth in you. that youre no good for me. that youre only toying with me. that you hurt me once so, yeah..youll probably hurt me again.
maybe this is the truth about you.
but maybe, just maybe, there IS something to be said for a guy that keeps..coming back.
i mean, ive told you how.many.times. that youre not getting what you want physically from this relationship.
so WHY do you keep coming back?!
could it be, oh, you actually CARE..about me? O.o
no. no i wont let myself believe that. bc its probably not true.
no, you probably just came back around bc you thought you could wear me down.
i shouldve never talked to you last night.
but, for all my talk, i sorta knew if you texted me..i would text back.
and i did.
i have to learn how to do this with you, how to talk to you, how to feel out the relationship..withOUT getting emotionally attached.
i NEED to learn...
i need to..
you hurt me once..
or WHOEVERS fault that was, *I* got hurt once already...
i wont.  let it happen again.. [<3] see that? WALLS. around my heart. and i wont just let them fall for you. no, if you want them to fall, youre gonna have to WORK for it. youre gonna have to work for ME. because #IAmWorthIt :D

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