Friday, November 11, 2011

lately...i cant even stand to see your face. 
it just hurts too much.

i miss being close.
i miss even being friends.
now...i dont even know WHAT we are...
all i know is i miss it. i miss us. i miss you.
i honestly do.
but i dont know how to tell you.
because you dont like me anymore.
and i dont miss THAT you.
i miss the you that liked me.

i miss him too. 
something inside of me just wants to text him and tell him i miss him. just leave it at that.
but i refuse.
i will deny myself this because, from the very beginning, HE called the shots. i liked it like that and i miss it and im SURE not gonna step up and start makin moves.
he knows where to find me if he really misses me.
and you know where to find me if you can first find it in you to stop hating me and want me back as a good friend
im not that hard to find. if you really want me, youll look. and if you look, youll find me.

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