Monday, November 7, 2011

Umbrella in the sunshine

im just carrying my umbrella, waiting for rain that may or may not ever come.
but, if it does come, im prepared.
i may miss out on things in life because i cant grab on to them, considering that one hand is always being used to carry the umbrella; BUT, if it rains, ill be the prepared one.
and if it doesnt, well, then maybe ill regret carrying the umbrella and missing out on other things because of that.
but at least i knew that, IF it DID rain, i wouldnt get soaked. i would stay nice and dry and warm.
looks like either way ill regret. if it does rain, and i dont carry an umbrella, if im not prepared for storms, ill regret that. but if i carry and umbrella and anticipate the rain clouds, and all i get are sunny skies and missed opportunities, well, ill regret that too.
whats the right answer??
"Worry about nothing, but in everything pray and give thanks.."
worrying is what causes me to carry an umbrella. im worried its gonna downpour any second, and ill be caught in the middle of it UNLESS i protect myself.
this is all a metaphor, of course.
but it paints such an accurate portrait of me.
the Bible says not to worry.
and yet,
here i stand with my umbrella.
life has taught me,
i have to prepare and protect myself.

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