Monday, October 11, 2010

"a pickup, some love, and an old country road for the night...."

crank up that radio.                   (chorus)
let your heartache go
baby lets not feel anything tonight
it's just you and i
and we've got, all the time in the world
or till the sun comes up
just a country boy and a country girl
tryin to sort things out
but i've found all you need sometimes
is a pickup, some love, and an old country road for the night

forget about the past
let's just make tonight last
as long as we can
i'm not sure i'll ever get to feel like this again
oh oh
the moon is high
those stars are dancin in the sky
and its just you and i
out here tonight


i'll bring my guitar
play under the stars
we'll sing a sweet melody
about life and love and losing
and when we're ready to let go
let the past leave us alone
 we'll crank that radio, oh whoa oh...


inspirations runnin high tonight
feelin so full i'm lovin life
let my hair down and i know
i ain't gotta, put on a show
his guitar and my voice
blendin together with the country noise....


haha, and yes, this song sprung from the title of the last post :P

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