Monday, October 11, 2010

all i need is a pickup, some love, and an old country road...

can i just take a minute and say, i am so blessed! just take a moment...and just breathe :)
the sun shining on my face, love all around me. i know my life is so much more than i could've ever created for myself. i know Someone is definitely at work here :)
i don't know what i'm supposed to do. i don't know where to go from here but i know that in time i will understand. i know that He will point it out to me in His perfect timing. i am confused, and yet, at complete peace.

"take a moment
just breathe
take a look around
tell me what do you see
make us who we are
new directions
just follow your heart

take a look around
you got your head in the clouds
feet so far from the ground
everything you see
everything you can be
don't let your future pass you by baby
life isn't easy
thats half the fun
hard, work's all it took to
get the job done
something to work for
makes it worth all the pain
it took to get there
and it doesn't matter if you forget to look there
's potential, everywhere

your dream
hold it in your hand
and let it go
whenever you get the chance
don't hide it away
you'll never get anywhere
if you don't open up your heart
if you ain't willin to share!


drop down
fall now
and then pick yourself up
don't expect perfect results
the first try
you know as well as i
it takes a lot
how much is it worth to you...??


there's potential, everywhere, baby, you'll see, it if you just open....your heart...." <3

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