Friday, October 29, 2010

a million and one, reasons why, when you deserve none, all you ever gave me was lies,

its been a while since my last post...but fear not, for i have been writing... :)
haha. and i have been listening to taylor swift obsessively!! i absolutely adore her music! :)
but i think the reason i havent been writing much is maybe because i am just feeling too much all at once..? maybe..? "but i took your matches, before fire could catch, so don't look mad..." <3 ahhh, i just love randomly quoting taylor :P "dear john, i see it all now that you're gone, don't you think i was too young to be messed with, the girl in the dress cried the whole way home, you should've known..."
beautiful song :)
but anyways, back to my, explanation for being awol lately...
i guess i am just feeling like a million and one things at once, and then again, i am feeling nothing because i can't. sometimes you just really feel like you have so much to feel...that you just...can't feel anymore....does this make any sense?? this is another reason i havent been posting much...i am feeling so much...if i tried to explain it, it would probably just come out in one great big jumbled mess....

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