Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ive been up for about 27 hours straight. No.sleep. Welcome to a youth group lock in..haha! Anyways, i feel like trying to make sense of my thoughts, when im THIS dead probably not gonna work out..:P lol. But i need to try. Because its been one heck.of 27 hours. I pray this doesnt fall into the wrong hands. Im scared to write this because i do not want someone who shoukdnt see this, to see it. But on that same hand, i need to get out my feelings. Sighh..i hate the days i didnt fall victim to censorship..:/ anyways..well i suppose all ill say is that i find it really hard to respect certain people, i really want to never set foot in there again, and i spent about 98.9% of my night miserable. From standing in a bathroom stall trying to suppress the tears i could feel coming, to faking a smile like i never have because he asked me what was wrong but i didnt want to hurt him so i lied..


*Lizzie* said...

Ooooo! A Lock In is always lots of fun. Though I always feel miserable after coming home with NO sleep! haha! But they are great. Though my emotions are always mixed up and I feel like crying for no reason while there 'cause I'm so over-tired! Did you feel that way? Well, I feel bad for you girl! Standing in a bathroom stall trying to not cry is just not cool...I have actually had that before. I feel miserable when it happens. So I hope that didn't ruin the lock in for you! Praying for you girl!

Han and Momo said...

thanks Lizzie! yeah its definitely an emotional rollercoaster coming home all tired! haha thank you! love you<3