Monday, January 2, 2012

"Feelings don't die easily because we keep feeding them with memories." ....guilty as charged.. i am FOREVER living in my memories. and it usually serves to hurt me more than heal me. but that just how i roll. everything in my life is done either on a whim, or out of habit. this is no different. i reminisce either because its just what ive always done; or because something, out of nowhere, comes and reminds me of something. and makes me think. makes me remember something and relive it in my head all over again. and i dont stop it. i honestly dont even know if i could..because ive never tried.. ive never wanted to. i looove my memories. thats why i write everything down. thats why i take pictures of things. because theres some things i want to remember. and even the things i want to forget now, ive learned i may someday want to remember. so i write those down too. even the pictures ive wanted to burn, ive saved. because i know someday ill look back...and want to know what happened. ill want to remember how i felt. ill want to remember what happened; who was there; what was going on. and maybe itd just all be best if i didnt remember at all. but..i dont know..whats the fun in that? :P lol.. the truth is, the past needs to serve a purpose. and if i cant relive it or redo it, i feel like i should be able to relive it in my mind, and redeem it by learning from it. <3

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