Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"If someone really loved you, you wouldnt doubt it." I just read this quote on twitter and i have to say..i completely disagree. Your doubt is your problem, not theirs. Someone can love you with everything they have and you can still be too blinded by insecurity to see it. And thats not their fault. Thats nothing against them and how much they love you. I should know. I have someone that loves me more than anybody ever has. And yet, theres still times i find myself doubting. I dont feel worthy of them. And while its not THEM that i doubt, i DO doubt. I doubt that itll last forever. Not because they dont love me. But because somwhere deep in my heart, i feel unworthy. I always have. Of anyone. And im just scared that one day, theyll wake up and realize what i knew all along. That im not worthy of them. that they can do better. A part of me believes this stuff is true and that part is the part that doubts. See? Its nothing against them. Its not that they dont love me. No, the cause of my doubt is simple. Its my own insecurity. <\3

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