Thursday, January 19, 2012

It feels so finally be writing songs again <3

"stop pretending you care
we all know you dont
you wish i would leave
and you hate that i wont
in your eyes ill always be
the girl that ruined your life
little did you know, you see
i didnt have to steal him to make him mine
no, he went because he wanted to
this you know too well
but you refuse to see the truth
an say im putting you thru hell

when, all i wanted was to see him smile
all he wanted was to laugh
he said it had been a while
but that i sure changed that
he told me i was the best thing
that ever came into his life
he told me you meant nothing
and he looked me in the eyes
if you cant accept reality
well baby thats not my fault
you say without you he'll never be happy
but youre the one missing out"

Just a little piece of something im working on <3

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