Thursday, December 30, 2010

"I'm captivated, by you baby, like a fireworks show..."

there is something inside of me that feels like the person you make a life with should be the person that helped you make it all along…is that right?
and that the one worth waiting for, is the one waiting.
maybe these are skewed misconceptions. maybe i've got it all wrong, after all, what would i know? i have no experience. 
but i do know what i feel. that no one can deny or take away from me. ever.
and i feel like there is a person out there for me. and maybe it doesn't matter if i've known him my whole life, or if he hasn't been there every step of the way. because maybe that is all part of the mystery. part of the fun. 
maybe i don't have to know every step. maybe there is some fun in the surprise, and the spontaneity.  maybe, just maybe, there is something more, something better, than the shallow, superficial relationships i am surrounded by. and maybe i just need to look. 
or maybe, i need to stop looking. stop searching and chasing…
and let myself be found. let my heart be captured and let myself be captivated. 
and let it be ♥

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