Saturday, December 4, 2010

lead me on

we are playing pretend. that's all we are really doing. we are going back and forth with this fairytale laced lie, and pretending it's a reality...our reality.  
or maybe i am alone in this. and imagining you once again. you were here, at one point. but nothing is ever a clean split with me. "i don't care if we go nowhere, you're all i see..."   

"tell me what i wanna hear, i don't care if you're lyin baby....let me pretend that it's not wrong, baby lead me on..."

"you know what i want, you know what i need, i know when you're gone, you won't even think about me..."  

yep. that is it. i am soooo very much exactly like that. i long for you to say what i need to hear. to the point where i don't even care if it's the truth. 

"keep your truth and tell me lies..."  

why?? why am i like that?


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

first of all: i love that song! second: i relate, as usual :)

Hannah and Morgan said...

ooh i know! great song :) i think a lot of people can probably relate to it. lots of girls anyways! :) i read too far into things...always! hehe♥