Monday, December 27, 2010

"knowing if i had but one kiss, the whole room would be glowing.." ♥

its 4 days till new years eve. i have but one wish for the new year. love me. kiss me.
oh, but now i guess you can't do that.
haha. do you know what i have been dreaming about lately?
I dream that, come new years, you will be here. i dream that you will party with me and my friends, and, when it comes time to ring in the new year, you will squeeze in close to me and we will count it down together. in reality, the room is full of our family and friends, but in my head you are the only one i can see. and when the countdown is over and the confetti falls, i dream that you will sweep me up and kiss me. 
What a perfect end to one year, and beginning to another. :) ahhh…
yep. that'd be perfect…

except for one thing.

(well, ok maybe there's more than one issue here!)

but…you can't kiss me.

*sigh. i made a vow. my first going to be…

at the altar.
on my wedding day.

so…this new years, you can't kiss me.

as much as i want you to and as much as i sometimes even think i would break my vow…for you…

but i know i would regret it and that it would taint the kiss and it wouldn't even be as beautiful as it deserves.

so then i guess this is all stupid. this is all pointless. all this dreaming does is make me discontent.

"maybe this is wishful thinking, probably mindless dreaming…" 

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