Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Bring me back to holding hands in the rain...still i can't explain our july in the rain.." ♥

im thinking about you tonight :) its what i do when i need you. i think about you. i can't imagine you here with me anymore. i can't pretend, even for a minute, i can't dream you up in my head because when i wake up from that dream, alone, it hurts.
more than just not dreaming of you at all. 
hehe... we have a song. did you know that? i play it when i miss you. it makes me smile...
like you do :)
i miss you but i know that they say good things take time.
well, baby, you are amazing. and i am willing to wait.
i am putting this, us, in His Hands. and that, my friend, feels incredible :) 

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