Sunday, January 2, 2011

"you're the song, in the car, i keep singin don't know why i do..."

a part of me loved you. at one time. or maybe it wasn't actually love. but every time i like a guy, it feels like love. 
anyways, we had something. but then, you've always been distant, you've always been short, you've always been cold…
its like this game that you play.

but i play it too.

why? why would i put up with this? oh, the things i take from guys. the things i put myself through.
you've never shown interest. not that i can remember. and sure, our parents set up that "arranged marriage", hahaha ;) but we had nothing to do with that. ha, i heard our moms just confirmed the other day that the marriage was still on! 
your mom also said you still talk about me.
i tend to wonder if your mom lies.
not that that is something i EVER wanted to think!
but when we talk it just seems like…you don't care. 
so why on earth would you still talk about me to your family??
why would you have ever talked about me? i never knew this.
i'm not sure i ever…heard you talk about me.
you barely talk TO me.

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