Thursday, December 2, 2010

"so many things that i wish you knew..." ♥

things i would tell you if i only could:

♥ i am a country girl. a redneck and proud of it! ;) i love it!

♥ music is my heart. it says things even when i can't figure out the words to use…that's when quoting songs comes in handy. or when i need to express something and can't come right out and say it.

♥ i am sooooo low-maintenance. really! i'm not like other girls you might know. i don't need a lot…just you :)

♥ my ideal date: ripped jeans, sitting in the booth at like, culvers, talking and laughing over burgers, fries and choc. milkshakes ♥

♥ or walkin down the street together during summer with chocolate cones :)

♥ i am quiet but that is only because i am trying to process things. it's not that i don't like you, most likely its not that i am shy, or (and this is the one i hate the most when people assume) i am not depressed! i just deal with and feel things differently. i process and analyze and over analyze…EVERYthing!!

♥ i don't necessarily know what i want to do with my life. there's some options on the table and i am taking my time in deciding. but, at this point, i do not forsee college in my future and i don't want to hear the lecture ;)

♥ oh yea, i am VERY VERY VERY sarcastic! ;P so please, please don't misunderstand it and think i hate you!! 

♥ "I could be your favorite blue jeans with the holes in the knees in the bottom of the top drawer, i could be your little beauty queen just a little out of reach or the girl livin next door, i'll be your angel givin up her wings if that what you need, i'd give everything to be your anything…"    which isn't really true…but lately you have me singing a different tune…

♥ you have a song. everyone in my life does :) ….well, pretty much every GUY does, hehe

♥ i believe in the fairytales :) i am waiting for my prince charming. i really am and i don't care what ANYONE says! because he will come…  :)

♥ i am tough!! i have actually scared off guys… (*sheepish grin) hehe, not that that was my intention, trust me, he was a guy i really DID NOT want to scare off…but i kinda did…anyways, the POINT i am trying to make here is that i won't take any…let's just say anyone that want to be in my life better be decent or else pack their bags.

♥ which leads me to my next 2 points. i am a rambler…no further comment needed :)

♥ i am not high maintenance, as was pre discussed. i simply know that i deserve better than some people and their pettiness, as does everyone else! the difference, between me and everybody else? i won't put up with it. i am not so desperate to be loved and accepted that i will put up with anything….most of the time…


♥ i want to tell you i love you. and then i laugh as i read over those words. i am too quick to "fall in love". its a fault of mine. 
so, i will NOT be telling you this anytime soon. because i don't want you to become a statistic, in the database of my life…or a memory. i want you to stay here and i want to get to know you. i like you fine. :) you are an amazing guy. but that is as far as this can go. otherwise…you are no more than another on the list. the list of guys that i thought i was in love with and wanted so badly to tell, then moved on when someone else came along. and, while the list is short, it's not a place you want to be. and not a place I want you to be….truth is…i don't know how i feel. but, here is the list, for anyone interested, of who i am. things i want a guy to know. oh, there's so much more! but my fingers hurt from typing and besides…that kinda takes the fun out of getting to know a person. hehe. so i will leave you with this. take it or leave it. in essence, take or leave me. but…please don't toy with me, okay? and i will do my best to give you the same respect ♥

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