Saturday, December 25, 2010

"so what i wanna love, why's it hurt so bad..."

i was going to type some lyrics in here, that describe how i feel right now, but i can't choose just one section. the whole thing hurts like only something relatable can.

"what did i do wrong, tell me its my fault, you didn't lead me on well thats good to know, get your lips off of me i'm not ok with this...i'm done i'm done i'm done you won this time..." ♥

thats the part that hits me THE most.

its just like...when did this happen? when...did i become...the girl that holds on no matter how much it hurts. and it would be different, oh SOOO different...if you liked me back. but ... i just hold on for no reason? since when? since when am i THIS girl?

since you. thats since when. and i know it. you don't, cuz you don't know me. but i i know.
i laugh. i don't mean it. its not actually just hurts. it...i hurt. you hurt me.

is that fair? to blame you for something you don't know about, don't even really play a part in...something you aren't actually doing?
yea, i know. i do this to myself. i put myself through this. i wish i could write something happy here. i wish i could write like i was in love...

i wish i could be in love...

i wish it was a two way street. cuz this whole one way thing has got me really messed up.

me loving without you has got me really messed up...

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