Thursday, December 29, 2011

ending 2011 single. what a surprise. the strangest thing is, i could PROBABLY change that.. and yet i dont. at least this year i HAD someone, even if it didnt last long. thats a step up from the last 16 years:P but even sad. like, i dont get it. why me? why am i not with someone? whats the problem? i dont want to think there is something wrong..with me.. but maybe there is. sighhh i dont knowwww!!! :// but i DO know that im not a huuuuge fan of this. HES STANDING RIGHT THERE WHAT IS STOPPING ME?!?! seriously..i mean, sure maybe he isnt everything i was hoping for. but, my friends, beggars cant be choosers. :P its true though. i sit here and complain about being single and there is a guy that SEEMS willing to change that and yet i dont give him a chance, albeit it would be ANOTHER chance, but still.. or maybe im just being stupid. maybe he has moved on. maybe, maybe he didnt care AT.ALL. EVER. .......annnnnnd then, all i have to do is click around on your profile to remember WHY i wont reach out for you. we are done. im all done. I REFUSE TO JUST BE ANOTHER GIRL TO YOU!!! and i even TOLD you as much!! well, i meant it then, i mean it today, and ill mean it for forever. no matter HOW badly i want to not be ending 2011 single, no matter how badly i want a guy in WILL.NOT. be you.

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