Tuesday, December 20, 2011

why..??? dang it..i was so stupid. i believed you when you said there'd be no more fights. ok, well at first i didnt believe you. but then we went so long without one that..i dont know i sort of unwillingly let myself believe. i shouldnt have done that. i can see that now. i let myself heal only to be torn back open again. i hate this. i hate feeling like this. all the time. this isnt fair!!! i was trying, TRYING, to be happy. to accept my circumstances. but...why do you have to do this?? again?? and the WORST part..is you dont even know..HOW.MUCH. it hurts. you dont. you know from your point of view. but you are fighting for something. im just caught in the crossfire. my heart breaks a little more with each word of fire. and i want to tell the one person who is always there for me but..IM SO FREAKING SICK OF DRAGGING THEM INTO THIS!!! and im afraid imma lose them..bc im too much. too much drama. too full of it.. and i WILL.NOT. let that happen. <\3

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