Friday, December 9, 2011

"In the middle of this crazy mess, i forget how big im blessed."

Soo much has been happening..its crazy!! And then some days? It feels like nothing happens at all. But its like, even the little things. Its skype dates with my best friend. Its hearing a song that takes me back to summer. Its the snow thats falling softly out my window. Its the little things in life that hold the most magic. If we only learn to enjoy them. For the last couple months..i havent been able to see magic anywhere. The world was dark to me. I was void, emotionless, empty.. Just broken. But im done. Im done with all of that. I cant live that way. And i dont want to. The truth is, ive been struggling soo much since summer ended. And to everyone that has stuck by me, through alll of this..i love you. Honestly, to the few that stick by me, through the dark and the<3 And now..nothinga changed. Life is still hard. Its still GONNA be. But im done letting the dark times in life make me miss out on life completely. Im done waiting for huuuge things. Im gonna look at the little pieces of magic, the little blessings, and enjoy them.

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