Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Empty my hands, fill up my heart, capture my mind with You..."

I had a wonderful time with a good friend yesterday :) We got to sit and about what God is doing in our lives. For hours! It was amazing! She is definitely a Godsend and our relationship is can just tell that God has had His Hand on things :)
So that was just a wonderful time and i just felt so Spiritually refreshed. Reenergized.
I wanna live my life for Christ. 
But that is so hard because there is definitely something at work within me that hates that i am living for Him.
But that's not going to stop me.
Regardless, this may not be the easiest journey i have ever embarked on. And i've been down some rough roads.
However, i don't think this road will be rough, at least not in the same way those roads were, because i ended up on those roads when i thought i could do things for myself. When i thought i didn't need help.
And this time, i am going into this knowing full well just how MUCH i need help!
I am going into this in full pursuit of my Christ.
I am aiming to model my heart after His. 
The way He speaks to people, let my mouth become.
The way He loves people, let my heart follow.
The way He was so humble, let my pride fall away.
The way He understood and respected His Father's authority, let my will come undone.

And let me just say....that is not an easy thing. To think, to pray...because i am human. I am selfish, i am stubborn...
But i have been stuck in my ways too long.
Something's gotta give.
I can see that the way i am living is just not working out.
And moreover, if the purpose of life is to live for Him and His Glory...
then at this point my life is worthless.
Because i am nothing without Him!
And my life is nothing if not lived for Him. <3

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