Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Future Husband...

I started a journal today. A journal to my future husband. Journal entries, prayers, those kinds of things :)
It is kind of a neat thing actually :) I have heard of people writing letters, but a journal just kind of worked out for me :)
wow...lots of smiley faces! haha what can i say? Love makes me happy! =D
And actually i think this may turn out to be a really good thing. A nice place to get out everything i want him to know right away. A nice place to just be real. And, who knows, maybe one day he will get to see it. Anyways, thats the idea :)

So i took some serious time to write out a prayer for him in there. i haven't prayed for him much..i am sad to admit.
But doing so today felt so...right <3
I don't know who he is. Whether i know him or not...and yeah, i wish i did!! I would love to know whether or not i know him; i'd love to know who he is. but i know that God has a perfect timing. I am learning to rely more on Him! <3
Anyways, just wanted to share what's going on :)
Sometimes i feel like all i do is come on here to complain. And i do that because this is one of the only places i can do so. But i wanted to share something sweet on here too! :)

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