Tuesday, September 21, 2010

smile. camera's flashing, everybody's watching.

we are expected to be so perfect. we wonder why there is so much pressure or where this mindset even came from. really?? um...look through a magazine. even look at the front cover. walk into abercrombie or hollister, where everything in there is a size xxs. and even the things they have in medium and large are still like 3 inches wide. so either those of us that aren't "xxs material" or that don't wanna wear skin tight clothes have to get like 6 sizes larger, which makes you feel fat or...do you see how this works? i went into the aeropostale outlet this weekend. there was some cute stuff in there, but i didnt buy anything. because everything i held up was either too tiny or else i had to keep grabbing sizes bigger. the second part wasn't actually a huge deal, because i am pretty secure with my body, but it was the principle of the thing, so i put down all the clothes i was looking at and bought a $5 necklace and walked out. :)
but i still have a problem with this. will it ever end? or are we stuck with being brainwashed with unattainable "perfection" for the rest of our lives??


Kaitlyn Nicole said...

oh my gossshh!! i hate that!! at aero when i buy polos i have to get like a large sometimes, or a medium cause they are so dang tight! so annoying =/ i wish they made NORMAL people sizes. or at least modest sizes at that.

Hannah and Morgan said...

haha "NORMAL people sizes". perfect way to put it :)
yea, its all just so dang annoying!!
by the way...is your blog set up not to accpet comments or..?? i just can't seem to figure it out :/