Thursday, September 23, 2010

"I'm over screaming down a wishing well..."

"if you're leavin don't look back, leave me like you mean it..."

don't mess with me. don't mess with my heart. come on. just be honest with me. really. that's all i want. all i am asking for is for you to be honest and to tell me the truth. even if it hurts. i respect the people in my life that are honest with me more than i respect you at this moment. do you think you are protecting my heart? by leading me on?? either be clear about your intentions and take this somewhere or else leave me alone. i wanna be able to walk away. to say these things and tell you to come find me if you decide to be decent. but i think even if i did leave, it wouldn't be my final decision anyways.

"but i get the feelin that you'll be comin back, just like you did before..." exactly.

but i shouldn't have to make that decision. i shouldn't have to because you shouldn't be messin with my heart in the first place. so, yea, i love you. but i can', i won't put up with this. i don't need this, i don't deserve this and i won't stand for it i won't take it.
Just thought you should know.

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